The treatment journey begins…..


Well,what a week this has been!

When I first posted on January 9th we were preparing for my chemo assessment and blood tests. All went well and we were bombarded with information, particularly around the risk of infection, to the point we’ve now taken delivery of 10 mini bottles of Cutan hand sanitiser, and 12 full-size ones are arriving on Monday! Ray wondered about wearing a mask incase he gets a cold, and ideally I think he’d like to bundle me in bubble wrap and not let anyone near me for the duration of the treatment. At the very least we’ll be wearing badges telling sick people to keep away!!

Received a bit of a boost on my birthday when Moira, the nurse, asked if I could be pregnant. The pair of us just laughed – as if THAT has been on our agenda recently!! I said no and pointed out I was actually 46 that day so very unlikely on the age front either – she didn’t believe my age and insisted on doing the test anyway. Nice to know I’m not as ropey looking as I feel sometimes!

Chemo day itself on Monday was tiring and longer than expected as the first batch of chemo drugs that came from the pharmacy were too strong (they had over-looked the ratio the oncologist had requested) so had to be sent back, Three hours and many phone calls from increasingly frustrated nurses they finally re-appeared and were administered. By this time the anti-sickness medication administered by drip have been in my system for about 4 hours and so the effects wouldn’t last as long after I’d had the chemo but hey, I was despatched home with so many tablets to ward off sickness (as well as injections, a sharps box, oral rinse and other bits and pieces) we really felt prepared for every eventuality.

Since Monday the days have passed in a bit of a blur. Tuesday I’m sure I was on a ‘post chemo high’, with so much anti-sickness medication coursing through me I felt tired but really OK. Wednesday was therefore a bit of a shock where I literally fought (and gave in much of the time) to keep my eyes open, and then suffered the one (and so far only) bout of sickness. Yesterday was another sleepy day – took me three attempts to watch the Sport Relief Bake Off from the night before – simply kept dropping off mid way through and having to re-start – thank goodness for Sky+!!

Dr Cross (Learner) is doing a great job administering my daily immune boosing injections. He’s planning a tattoo of Arsenal FC on my tummy and now he’s got the knack of actually giving me the jabs (didn’t feel a thing yesterday) he’s going to start on the design 🙂

Will write more in the coming days but I’ve been overwhelmed with good wishes and love and just wanted to let you all know how I’m doing.

Unfortunately Mocachinno Sammy and Raspberry Ice Sandie (wigs!) had not arrived on Monday so I have gone ahead ahead and bought Chestnut Cassidy (see pic on post below) as she was so popular. Head shave is booked for January 28th as my hair will start to drop out on the 29th – yes, they can be that precise! Couldn’t bear the thought of it coming our in clumps as I brush, or waking to find it all over the pillow so this is my way of managing it – the control freak in me lives on!! 


5 thoughts on “The treatment journey begins…..

  1. Got to see this one Fi, so perhaps my computer has given in to all the abuse I was giving it 🙂 As ever your courage and determination to keep on a going doesn’t surprise me at all, but do tell Ray that the Wolves’ head would be much easier to draw lol Much love as always from the Loughborough lot x

  2. olive

    You are such are “big ” person!– by that I mean you are so full of strength and determination, also you’ve not lost your humour(loved the pregnancy bit, prob the last thing you expected to hear!) Carry on the good work and welldone Ray for being such a support.
    Sending good vibes as always


  3. Darling Fi, have just been catching up on your blogs and reading them aloud to mum, who sends her love n good wishes. So looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Much love Debs n co xxxx

  4. cristina

    Hey Fi… I really like the wig!! and I completely understand you booked the head shave.. I would have done the same..! I will always be at your side cheering you up and telling you that you are a great person, strong and you will gain this battle…!! lots of love from the other side of the world…..

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