Hair today…gone tomorrow!


It’s 4.30am and I’m wide awake so thought I’d make constructive use of my time with a little update as yesterday was such a momentous day – the ceremonial shaving of my head!
For the last few days I’ve been shedding hair, leaving it everywhere in my wake – the car, a friend’s sofa, the stuff was literally dropping out at will – a very bizarre experience!

I felt anxious the couple of hours before but once actually sat in the big, black chair was strangely calm – the bottle of bubbly we went armed with helped! I had a couple of sneaky looks while Jason worked his magic with the clippers but for the most part kept my eyes closed and indulged in lots of inane chatter – distraction therapy.

As my short but very thick tresses fell away Jason said: “You’ve got a lovely shaped head under here.” What praise – I felt strangely proud and, on viewing my new, bald, noddle have to agree with him. No lumps or bumps, a nice rounded shape, could be an awful lot worse!

The general consensus is that darker hair makes me look younger (I’ve been going lighter over the last few years to cover the grey but will definitely go dark again when my hair grows back) and I adore my Chestnut Cassidy wig. So glad I splashed out and bought her as the NHS ones ordered for me to try have still not arrived. It was fate – Cassidy and I are meant to be together 🙂



9 thoughts on “Hair today…gone tomorrow!

  1. olive

    You look so different!! Quite a huge price to pay to get a new look but it certainly suits you. Ray’s traded you in for a younger model without having to lose the old one– what a plan!Thinking of you– Harvey too. Love Olive xx

  2. Kathleen Miller

    Hi Fiona, just seen your photo with and without Chestnut Cassidy you look great in both! You look so well really hard to believe you’re going through what you are! You’re doing great girl, keep it up! You look so like your mum, especially without the wig, maybe don’t tell her that one!

    So glad you’ve got such a smooth head, when Gary shaved his everybody scared to talk to him as he had so many scars!!!!

    Take care and keep this going, great to hear from you

  3. Vicky

    so so proud of you lovely lady, new wig is very glam – can’t wait till you’ve kicked it’s a@se and we can celebrate with some fizz x

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