Homeward Bound!


I never expected to be posting from my hospital bed but here I am, two days after my mastectomy, all set to go home later today.
Am amazed how well I feel – even a few hours after the op I was alert and (quite frankly) relieved to be alive! I’d never had a general anaesthetic so was incredibly anxious (to the point I left my Will strategically positioned at home!) in case something went wrong.

I had two drains in the wound to start off with – entertainingly disguised in doggie poop scoop bags so we could carry them easily when going to the loo – but one came out yesterday and the other is being taken out today before I’m discharged.

The lovely ladies in my ‘Breastfriends’ support group all said the op was a ‘walk in the park’ in comparison with the chemo and, even at this early stage, I have to agree. The chemo did get progressively worse (as expected) and I was blighted terribly by infections because my immune system was so compromised. It felt like a huge milestone to complete the six rounds and my ‘reward’ was a lovely week away – 2 nights in Southampton and 4 on the Isle of Wight. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and my energy levels improved as the week went on.

I persuaded Ray to park me on a bench on the Monday so he could go for a push along the coast as I was still too tired to do much, but by the Tuesday I was walking a fair distance – though I still needed a nap before dinner!

Next stage will be radiotherapy in about six weeks, after my wound has healed.

I did speak too soon about my toenails – in the end I lost two of them and am also losing one thumbnail too. But I have sprouted some fluffy hair (Ray calls it ‘peach fuzz’ as it’s not the real thing yet) and there are little black dots where I think my eyelashes are trying to break back through!

Hopefully my posts will be a bit more regular now the worst side effects of the chemo have subsided and I have more energy and am more alert.

Have been overwhelmed by all the lovely texts, emails, Facebook messages and calls – thanks to you all – I’m a very lucky girl!

Am posting this (hopefully) from my phone and if it works there should be a photo of me on the Isle of Wight – taken at a distance with me wearing sunglasses as I still looked shocking at that point – the post chemo pallor was not a good look!